Should I Try to be Free of Debt?

There are some people that will recommend that we try to repay our debt. This can make us feel like perhaps we should look carefully at the money that we owe and think about whether we should be trying harder to repay it. It is worth thinking about whether it will be useful for you. …

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Credit Scoring

How does Credit Scoring Work?

Credit scoring can be a bit confusing and it can be a good idea to have a good understanding of how it works so that you can use the knowledge to your advantage. What is a Credit Score? Your credit score is something which a person will calculate to see whether they feel that you …

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Credit Cards

How do I Pay off my Credit Cards?

If you have a credit card or multiple cards that you would like to pay off then you may feel rather overwhelmed and confused about the best way to do it. It is a good start, deciding to pay them off and it is best to take a step by step approach to make it …

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Are Fixed or Variable Rate Mortgages the Best?

There are two main types of mortgage interest and they are fixed and variable. Some people prefer one and others the other and so it can be a bit confusing knowing which to choose. It is important to have a good understanding of what the difference is between them and they you will be able …

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